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A Sample Yii WebApplication

A Sample Yii WebApplication
The two important components in Yii framework are:

  • Yiic – command line tool to create a new Yii application
  • Gii – powerful web based code generator to automate code

To create a sample yii application please follow the below steps:

  1. Excute the yicc command:                                                                    
    %YiiRoot/framework/yiic    webapp    WebRoot/testApplication

    • YiiRoot is the directory where Yii is installed
    • WebRoot is the document root of your Web server.
  2. If you are running yiic on Linux or Unix, you may
    need to change the permission of the yiic file so
    that it is executable. Chmod -R 755 testApplication  [read and
    execute permissions to everyone   and write permission to the owner
  3. Hit the url: http://localhost/testApplication/index.php
  4. Now you can see the application that yii framework created for you
    without writing any single line of code. The application has  four
    menus: home, about, contact and login ; Login Page
    allows users to be authenticated and the contact page gives a contact
    form .
    Screenshot from 2014-02-18 09:57:55
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