• Executes before and/or after a controller action executes.It can also prevent further execution of action
  • E.g. access control filter – to ensure user authentication before executing the requested action.
  • An action can have multiple filters.
  • Order Of Execution : the order they defined in the filter list.
  • A filter can prevent the execution of the action and the rest of the un-executed filters.


Controller --- CController

  • An instance of CController or of a class that extends CController.
  • It is created by the application object when the user requests it.
  • An action is just a controller class method whose name starts with action.
  • actionIndex() is the defaultaction, when the user request doesn’t specify any action it will be executed
  • The defaultaction can be changed by setting the public instance variable, Ccontroller::defaultAction.
  • Controllers and actions are identified by IDs.
  • For e.g. the route “http://localhost/testApp/index.php?r=site/login” will call actionLogin of siteController
  • By default, the route are case-sensitive. By setting CUrlManager::caseSensitive to false in the application configuration, we can make the routes case-insensitive .

Yii Application Life Cycle

When handling a user request, an application will undergo the following life cycle:

1. Pre-initialize the application with Capplication::preinit();
2. Load application configuration
3. Set up class autoloader and error handling
4. Register core application components;
5. Initialize the application with CApplication::init()

MVC Components in detail

Bootstrap PHP script or Entry script

  • It handles user requests initially.
  • It is the only PHP script that end users can directly request to execute.
  • It contains the following code:

1. // remove the following line when in production mode
2. defined(‘YII_DEBUG’) or define(‘YII_DEBUG’,true);
3. // include Yii bootstrap file
4. require_once(‘path/to/yii/framework/yii.php’);
5. // create application instance and run
6. $configFile=’path/protected/config/main.php’;
7. Yii::createWebApplication($configFile)->run();


Yii – An MVC Framework

model => information (the data) and the business rules
view => elements of the user interface such as text, form inputs;
controller => manages the communication between the model and the view.
A front-controller named application => access all the incoming request  and dispatches it to the appropriate controllers for further processing.

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